1. Soil Mechanics
  2. Physical Properties of Soil
  3. Soil Phase Relationships
    soil phase relationships, weight-weight relationships, weight-volume relationships, volume-volume relationships, questions, ppt, soil mechanics, soil problems, three phase relations
  4. Friction Angle of Soils + Typical Values
    typical values of friction angle, Correlation between SPT-N value and friction angle, friction angle from SPT
  5. Cohesion Intercept of Soils + Typical Values
    soil cohesion values, typical values of cohesion intercept of soils, cohesion intercept of soils, typical value of C for sand, typical value of C for clay
  6. Lateral Earth Pressure
  7. At-Rest State
    at rest pressure, calculator, example, theory pdf, spreadsheet, charts, derivation, coefficient,
  8. Rankine's Lateral Earth Pressure
    rankine earth pressure, calculator, coefficient table, theory example, sloping backfill, sloped backfill, with surcharge
  9. Coulomb's Lateral Earth Pressure
    coulomb earth pressure, calculator, example, theory pdf, spreadsheet, charts, derivation, coefficient,
  10. Slope Stability
  11. Effects of Water on Slope Stability
    effect of water table level on slope stability, GWT slope stability, slope analysis
  12. Infinite Slope Analysis
    Infinite Slope Analysis, analysis of infinite slope, soil slope analysis, soil slope design
  13. Circular Arc Failure of Slope Analysis
    Circular Arc Failure of Slope Analysis, soil slope analysis, how to analyze an embankment stability,
  14. Critical Failure Surface
    Critical Failure Surface, soil slope analysis, slope stability, embankment stability
  15. Geotechnical Laboratory and In-Situ Testing Methods
  16. 101 How To Plan A Construction Site Soil Investigations Program
  17. 101 How to Write a Geotechnical Report
  18. Determination of Water Content
    water content test, determination of water content, das book
  19. Specific Gravity of Soils
    Specific Gravity of Soils, Gs of soil,
  20. Advanced Soil Mechanics Topics
  21. Soil Liquefaction: Factor of Safety, Calculations, and Simplified Procedures
    seed and idriss liquefaction method, liquefaction analysis spreadsheet, liquefaction calculation, simplified procedure for evaluating soil liquefaction potential, liquefaction potential from SPT, factor of safety against liquefaction
  22. Foundation Analysis and Design
  23. Settlement of Shallow Foundations
  24. Settlement types, definitions, and general equation
    settlement types, total settlement
  25. Immediate settlement computations
    bowles, immediate settlement, distortion settlement, Steinbrenner influence factors
  26. Primary Consolidation
    primary consolidation, virgin compression, decompression, consolidation, terzaghi
  27. Secondary Compression
    Secondary Compression of shallow foundations, Secondary Compression of soils
  28. Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
  29. Terzaghi's Method
    bearing capacity, terzaghi, equation example, theory nptel, equation derivation, rectangular footing, excel, equation ppt, assumptions, factors graph, online calculator
  30. Meyerhof's Method
    meyerhof, mayerhof, bearing capacity, spt, factors table, theory, 1963, calculator, theory pdf, xls, coefficients, spreadsheet, factors
  31. Brinch Hansen's Method
    hanson, hansen, bearing capacity, theory, equation, example, factors, xls, spreadsheet, excel
  32. Bearing from SPT Number
    spt values, spt numbers, pile, graph, spt test, cpt test,
  33. Effect of Ground Water Table
    effect of ground water, GWT, ground water table, bearing capacity,
  34. Bearing Capacity of Piles (Deep Foundations)
  35. Ultimate Tip Resistance of Piles
    pile tip resistance, brinch hansen method, vesic method, direct estimates of pile tip resistance from in situ tests
  36. Shaft Resistance of Piles
    Shaft Resistance of Piles, Skin Resistance of Piles, p delta method, alpha method, lambda method,
  37. Sheet-pile Walls: Cantilevered and Anchored
  38. Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls Penetrating Sandy Soils
    sheet piling in sandy soil, sheet pile wall in sand, analysis of cantilevered sheet pile, design of cantilevered sheet pile, step by step
  39. Anchored Sheet Pile Walls Penetrating Sandy Soils
    free earth method, anchored sheet pile wall, sheet piling in sandy soil, sheet pile wall in sand, analysis of anchored sheet pile, design of anchored sheet pile, step by step
  40. Factors of Safety for Cantilevered Sheet Pile Walls
    factors of safety, sheet pile walls factors of safety, safety factors for sheet pile walls,
  41. Load Calculation
  42. Structural Loading
  43. Dead Load vs Live Load
    dead load live load definition, Live load reduction, ASCE 7-05/10, IBC 2006, Alternate floor live load reduction
  44. Load Combinations
    IBC load combinations, IBC strength design load combinations, IBC allowable stress design load combinations
  45. Reinforced Concrete Design
  46. General Topics of Concrete Material and Design
  47. What Is Concrete?
    what is concrete?, concrete mix, concrete admixtures, concrete reinforcement
  48. Concrete Properties
    properties of concrete, density of concrete, compressive strength of concrete, flexural strength of concrete, concrete, reinforced concrete
  49. Section Properties of Reinforcing Bars & Cement Types
    Section Properties of Reinforcing Bars, Cement Types
  50. Load Combinations of Concrete Design
    concrete design load combinations, ACI 318 load combination for concrete design, ASCE 7 load combinations for concrete design
  51. Design of Concrete Members
  52. Reinforced Concrete Beam Design
    Reinforced Concrete Beam Design, beam design, ACI beam design, RC beam design, rc beam design procedure, step-by-step procedure
  53. Flexural Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams
    Flexural Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams, concrete beam design for bending, concrete beam design
  54. Serviceability of Reinforced Concrete Beams
    Serviceability of Reinforced Concrete Beams, concrete beam design, Durability Issues, Long-Term Behavior, Linear Elastic Behavior
  55. Shear Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams
    Shear Design of Reinforced Concrete, concrete beam design in shear, corbel design, design beam for torsion
  56. Structural Steel Design
  57. General Topics of Steel Material and Design
  58. Steel Structures
    what are steel structures?, Properties of steel, Advantages and disadvantages of steel structures, Steel structures can be classification
  59. Connections in Steel Structures
    types of steel connections, different steel connections
  60. Cold Formed Steel Sections
    Cold Formed Steel Sections, Advantages of Cold formed steel members, Types of cold formed steel sections
  61. Construction
  62. Elements of construction
  63. Construction Site Layout Planning Elements
    Construction Site Layout Planning Elements, construction site planning elements,
  64. All Types of Roofs And Their Details
    Types of roof, roof types and details, what is Conical roof?, what is Double-pitched (gable) roof?, what is Flat roof?
  65. Types of Foundations From Construction Point of View
    Types of Foundations From Construction Point of View, types of foundation, constructing point of view foundation types,
  66. All Types of Foundation Materials
    types of materials used in foundations, foundation materials, materials used in foundations
  67. Timber Design
  68. Design of Timber Members
  69. Design of Sawn Timber Beams or Joists
    timber design step-by-step, sawn timber beam design, joist timber design, pdf
  70. Design of Sawn Timber Columns and Compressive Members
    Timber column design step-by-step, pdf, solved examples, timber compressive members design
  71. Masonry Design
  72. Finite Elements Method
  73. Basics of Finite Elements
  74. Introduction to Finite Elements And the Big Picture
    introduction to finite elements, finite elements in civil engineering, complete solution procedure for finite element problems,
  75. One-dimensional Bars/Springs
    shape functions of 1D bars, axial bar, axial springs, finite element formulations,
  76. Plane Trusses
    finite element of truss, truss analysis, matlab files for truss analysis, download matlab file for truss analysis, plane truss finite element matlab code, free download
  77. Transportation
  78. Surveying
  79. Instruments and Distance Measurements
  80. Introduction to Surveying
  81. Distance Measurement
  82. Leveling, Bench marks, Turning points
  83. Leveling
  84. Horizontal and Vertical Angles, Azimuths, Traverses, Closure Error
  85. Angle Measurement
  86. Topographic Data, Base Mapping
  87. Topographic Surveys
  88. Creating a Plan and Profile
  89. Water Resources & Environmental

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