Foundation Analysis and Design

Courses > Foundation Analysis and Design
  1. Foundation Analysis and Design
  2. Settlement of Shallow Foundations
  3. Settlement types, definitions, and general equation
  4. Immediate settlement computations
  5. Primary Consolidation
  6. Secondary Compression
  7. Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
  8. Terzaghi's Method
  9. Meyerhof's Method
  10. Brinch Hansen's Method
  11. Bearing from SPT Number
  12. Effect of Ground Water Table
  13. Bearing Capacity of Piles (Deep Foundations)
  14. Ultimate Tip Resistance of Piles
  15. Shaft Resistance of Piles
  16. Sheet-pile Walls: Cantilevered and Anchored
  17. Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls Penetrating Sandy Soils
  18. Anchored Sheet Pile Walls Penetrating Sandy Soils
  19. Factors of Safety for Cantilevered Sheet Pile Walls

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