1. article Ordinary Cement use cases; Pros and Cons
    OPC, merits of OPC, demerits of OPC, advantages of OPC, disadvantages of OPC, pros of OPC, cons of OPC, composition of OPC cement, grades of OPC cement, Uses of OPC cement,
  2. article 13 Types of Cements
    types of cements, hydraulic cements, non-hydraulic cements,high alumina cement, rapid hardening cement, ordinary cement, ordinary portland cement,expansive cement, white cement, sulfate resisting cement, hydrophobic cement, blast furnace cements, pozzalana cement, PPC , air entraining cement, colored cement, low heat cement,
  3. article Bridge Abutments and their ten types
    types of abutments, piers and abutments, pile bent abutments, cantilever abutments,stub abutments, semi stub abutments, MSE abutments, spill through abutments,
  4. article Sheathing in construction, its types and material used in it
    types of sheathing, oriented strands boards, glazed ceramic tiles, timber wood sheathing, what is sheathing, marble stone sheathing, plywood sheathing, purpose of sheathing,
  5. article 8 types of warehouses used in USA
    storage system, warehouses, types of warehouses, eight types of warehouses, warehouses architecture, construction of warehouses,
  6. article Empire State Building, New York: All you need to know
    civilengineeringbible, civilengineering, sightseeing, newyorkcity, guinnessbookofworldrecords, highrise, tower, skyscrapper, building, constructions, empirestatebuilding, empirestatebuildingfacts, landmarksincivilengineering
  7. article Material based types of the Form-works/ Material used in different types of formworks
    types of formworks, material used in form work, traditional timber formwork,stay in place form work, flexible form work, permanent insulated formwork, engineered fromwork, reusable plastic formwork,
  8. article Formwork and its types on the basis type of construction
    types of formwork, mould, mold, molding, shuttering, wall form work, foundation formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, difference between shuttering and formwork, difference between formwork and molding,
  9. article Construction Equipment
    construction equipment, machines used in construction, paver machines , fork lift, road header, conveyor, hoist, TBM, roller, compactor, mixture machines, tower crane, tripper, tankers, trailers,
  10. article 15 Earth Moving Equipments used in Civil Engineering
    earth moving equipment, earth moving machinery, backhoe,dragline excavator, excavator, machines civil engineering, bulldozers, loader,wheel tractor scraper, skid loader, dumper, graders, trencher , dragline excavator, scraper, wheel loading shovel, crawler loader,
  11. article 7 Types of roads on the basis of material used
    types of roads, road construction, roads on the basis of construction, material used in different types of roads, concrete road, bituminous roads, murrum road, material used WBM roads, water bound macadam,
  12. article Construction phases of Bituminous/Asphalt roads
    bituminous road, asphalt roads, construction of a bituminous roads, construction method of bituminous road, steps for construction of bituminous roads,
  13. article 20 Must have Construction Tools
    construction, materials, civilengineering, pliers, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, harness, ropes, concrete, reinforcement, industry, civilengineeringbible, chainsaw, chisel, float, wheelbarrow, types
  14. article Advantages and Disadvantagesd of different types of roofs
    pros of flat roofs, cons of flat roofs, pros of pitched roof, cons of pitched roof, pros of curved roof, cons of curved roof, advantages of curved roofs, disadvantages of curved roof, advantages of flat roofs, disadvantages of flat roofs, merits of pitched roofs, demerits of pitched roofs,
  15. article Different types of roofs: Flat, Pitch, Curved, and Earthen
    types of roofs, earthen roofs, pitched roofs, double pitched roofs, single pitched roofs, flat roofs, curved roofs, advantages of different types of roofs,
  16. article All you need to know about Terraces
    terrace, terrace and balcony, types of terrace, terrace types, types of terrace, significance of terrace,
  17. article Pros and Cons of the Dams
    pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of dams, need of dams, environmental effects of dams,negative effects of dams, dams and ecosystem, dams produced methane,
  18. article Civil Engineering Institutions in the USA
    civil engineering universities, institutions which impart education of civil engineering, teaching institutions of civil engineering, degree awarding institutions of civil engineering,
  19. article Terms used in civil Engineering of Dams
    ABUTMENT, base width, breach ,the base of dam, crest, cut off,drainage layer, blanket of dam, crest length, toe of dam, heel of dam, top of dam, top thickness,conduit, impervious core, training wall, trash rack, previous zone, riprap, seepage collar, crest of dam, cut off , cut off wall,
  20. article Structural Elements of Dams
    parts of the dams, structural elements of dams, conduit of a dam, spillway of dams, gates of dams,
  21. article Types and properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    construction, materials, civilengineering, fiberreinforcedconcrete, concrete, fibers, reinforcement, industry, civilengineeringbible, glassfiber, steelfibers, carbonfibers, properties, types
  22. article Different types of Dams and how to locate a dam?
    how to locate dams, location of dams, saddle dams, diversionary dams,weir dams, dry dams,types of dams by use, tailing dams, check dams,arch gravity dams,types of dams,purpose of dams,barrage dams, concrete face rock dams, CFRD dams,rock fill dams, arch dams,masonry dams, earthen dams, gravity dams,significance of dams, advantages of dams, types of dams by structure, types of dams by material, types of dams by design, types of dams by size, types of dams by legal status, material used in dams, steel dams, embankment dams,
  23. article Spillways and their types
    types of spill ways, significance of spillways, shaft spillways, ogee spill ways, drop spillways,siphon spillways,troughed spillways,side channel spillways,
  24. article Cat's Eyes/Road Studs, their purpose, types and material
    road studs, retro-reflectors, cat's eyes, function of road studs, purpose of road studs,aluminum road studs, types of road studs, LED road studs, plastic road studs,
  25. article Suspension Bridges: Pros and cons along with structural parts details
    suspension bridges, types of suspension bridges, elements of a suspension bridge, parts of the suspension bridge, structural elements of suspension bridges, pros and cons of suspension bridges, merits of a suspension bridges, pros of suspension bridge, cons of suspension bridge, demerits of suspension bridge, limitations of suspension,
  26. article How do Cantilever bridges function? Ten longest cantilever bridges around the world
    cantilever bridges, longest cantilever bridges, how do cantilever bridges function, elements of cantilever bridges, how long a cantilever bridges is,
  27. article What is a truss? Different Types and components of trusses
    types of truss, trusses,uses of truss, truss in bridges, use of truss in houses,components of a truss, elements of a truss, parts of a truss,
  28. article What are Truss Bridges? Structural elements and pros and cons of truss bridges
    truss bridges, types of truss in a bridges, pros and cons of truss bridges, material used in truss bridges, longest truss bridges, parts of a truss, elements of a truss,
  29. article What Are Precast Segmental Bridges. Types and pros and cons of Precast Segmented Bridges
    balanced cantilever bridges, span by span bridges, segmental bridges, precast segmental, incrementally launched bridges, progressive placement bridges, types of segmental bridges, pros and cons of segmental bridges,
  30. article What are beam bridges? Types and Structural elements of a beam bridge
    types of bridges, parapets of bridges, parts of a beam bridge, structural elements of beam bridges, how to construct a beam bridges, material used in beam bridges,

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