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Civil Engineering Institutions in the USA:

The subject of civil engineering is of pivotal importance, as the modern-day architectural criteria are not possible to be met without having involved the techniques of modern civil engineering. All over the world, civil engineering education, ranging from a beginning diploma to a higher level of education like a doctorate degree, is imparted on behalf of the government as by private institution. This article is about the institutions that impart civil engineering education within the USA, have been discussed. These universities and institutions have been ranked on the basic quality of education and structure of the department.


1. University of California-Barkley Civil Engineering

2. University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

2. Georgia Institute of Technology

3. Stanford University

4. University of Texas--Austin (Cockrell)

5. Purdue University--West Lafayette

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

7. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

8. Virginia Tech

9. Carnegie Mellon University

10. Northwestern University (McCormick)

11. Cornell University

12. University of California--Davis

13. Arizona State University (Fulton)

14. Auburn University (Ginn)

15. Brigham Young University

California Institute of Technology

17. Case Western Reserve University

18. Clarkson University

19. Clemson University

20. Cleveland State University (Washkewicz)

21. Columbia University (Fu Foundation)

22. CUNY--City College (Grove)

23. Colorado State University (Scott)

24. Columbia University (Fu Foundation)

25. CUNY--City College (Grove)

26. Drexel University

27. Duke University (Pratt)

28. Florida A&M University - Florida State University

29. Florida Institute of Technology

30. Florida International University

31. George Mason University (Volgenau)

32. George Washington University

33. Howard University

34. Illinois Institute of Technology (Armour)

35. Iowa State University

36. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)

37. Kansas State University

38. Lamar University

39. Lawrence Technological University

40. Lehigh University (Rossin)

41. Louisiana State University--Baton Rouge

Marquette University

43. Michigan State University

44. Michigan Technological University

45. Mississippi State University (Bagley)

46. Missouri University of Science & Technology--Rolla

47. Montana State University

48. New Jersey Institute of Technology

49. New Mexico State University

50. New York University (Tandon)

51. North Carolina State University

52. North Dakota State University

53. Northeastern University

54. Ohio University (Russ)

55. Oklahoma State University

56. Old Dominion University (Batten)

57. Oregon State University

58. Pennsylvania State University--University Park

59. Portland State University (Maseeh)

60. Oregon State University

61. Pennsylvania State University--University Park

62. Portland State University (Maseeh)

63. Princeton University

64. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

65. Rice University (Brown)

66. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick

67. Saint Louis University (Parks)

68. San Diego State University

69. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

70. South Dakota State University

71. Southern Illinois University--Carbondale

72. Southern Methodist University (Lyle)

73. Stevens Institute of Technology (Schaefer)

74. Stony Brook University--SUNY

75. Syracuse University

76. Temple University

77. Tennessee Technological University

78. Texas A&M University--College Station

79. Texas Tech University (Whitacre)

80. The Catholic University of America

81. Tufts University

82. University at Buffalo--SUNY

83. University of Akron

84. University of Alabama

85. University of Alabama--Birmingham

86. University of Alabama--Huntsville

87. University of Alaska--Fairbanks

88. University of Arizona

89. University of Arkansas--Fayetteville

90. University of California--Irvine (Samueli)

91. University of California--Los Angeles (Samueli)

92. University of California--San Diego (Jacobs)

93. University of Central Florida

94. University of Cincinnati

95. University of Colorado--Boulder

96. University of Connecticut

97. University of Delaware

98. University of Detroit Mercy

99. University of Florida

100. University of Georgia

101. University of Hawaii--Manoa

102. University of Houston (Cullen)

103. University of Idaho

104. University of Illinois--Chicago

105. University of Iowa

106. University of Kansas

107. University of Kentucky

108. University of Louisville (Speed)

109. University of Maine

110. University of Maryland--College Park (Clark)

111. University of Massachusetts--Amherst

112. University of Massachusetts--Lowell (Francis)

113. University of Memphis (Herff)

114. University of Miami

115. University of Mississippi

116. University of Missouri

117. University of Missouri--Kansas City

118. University of Nebraska--Lincoln

119. University of Nevada--Las Vegas (Hughes)

120. University of Nevada--Reno

121. University of New Hampshire

122. University of New Mexico

123. University of New Orleans

124. University of North Carolina--Charlotte (Lee)

125. University of North Dakota

126. University of Notre Dame

127. University of Oklahoma

128. University of Pittsburgh (Swanson)

University of Rhode Island

130. University of South Carolina

131. University of Southern California (Viterbi)

132. University of South Florida

133. University of Tennessee--Chattanooga

134. University of Tennessee--Knoxville (Tickle)

135. University of Texas--Arlington

136. University of Texas--San Antonio

137. University of Toledo

138. University of Utah

139. University of Vermont

140. University of Virginia

141. University of Washington

142. University of Wisconsin--Madison

143. University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee

144. University of Wyoming

145. Utah State University

146. Vanderbilt University

147. Washington State University

148. Wayne State University

149. Western Michigan University

150. West Virginia University (Statler)

151. Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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