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  22. article Lotus Temple; Baha’i House of Worship
    LotusTemple, BahaiHouseofWorship, FariborzSabha, SolarPower, arcadedconstructionsystem, commonsymbolofreligion
  23. article Dewatering of Groundwater: Practical Problems and their Solutions in Civil Engineering
    groundwater, problems due to groundwater, dewatering, methods of dewatering, Advantages and disadvantages of different methods, practical use
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    BigBen, chimingclock, Westminster, neoGothicstyle, AugustusPugin, UnitedKingdom, HouseofParliament
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    grouting, importance of grouting, types, characterizes, Need in civil works
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    WorldTradeCenter, Manhattan, NewYorkCity, CentreAssociation, FreedomTower, DanielLibeskind
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    pe exam, civil, failed, failure

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