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A list of Bathroom Accessories

Bath mirrors:

Grab rails:

Grab rails are handling devices fitted with the walls of the washrooms/bathrooms, which are designed to enable the person to maintain balance and prevent from slipping on the slick floor surface.

Towel rails:

Soap dispensers:

A soap dispenser is a bottle with a pressing head that is manually used to eject soap or shampoo of a single-use quantity.

Soap holders/dishes:

A soap holder is a plate or dish-like container, which is used to place the solid soap cubes in it.

Sponge baskets:

A sponge basket is a shelf-like structure attached to the wall of the bathroom to keep things like toothpaste, shampoo, brush, comb, etc in it.

Toothbrush holders:

It is a small gauze-basket that is used to place the toothbrush and toothpaste.

Bath shelves:

Bath shelves also called Bath Cabi or Bath Cabinets shelves and cases along the walls of the bathroom to place goods like clothes, tissue papers, soaps, make-up goods, etc.

Paper towel dispensers:

Paper towel is also known as tissue paper. A paper towel dispenser is a device in which the roll of the paper towel is placed, and at the time of need, the tissue paper/paper-towel is pulled out from the dispenser.

Beauty accessory storage:

A shelf or a safe case used to store beauty and make-up products like creams, lipsticks, oils, eyeliners, mascara, concealers, primers, eye shadow palettes, hair jells, etc.

Paper roll holders:

A bar attached to the wall to mount the paper roll on it. Toilet paper rolls are used to keep the cleanliness and hygiene of the washroom up to the level.

Toilet brush holders:

A holder used to hand place or hang the toilet cleaning brush with it.


A toilet stand is installed along and above the toilet. It has several shelves to keep toilet cleaning products in it.

Bath waste bins:

A bin or a basket used for the temporary storage of wastes and garbage in the washroom.

Laundry baskets:

The washed and washable clothes and lines are temporary stored in the laundry baskets.

Washing lines:

These are horizontally installed rods or cables to hang the washed and wet clothes for drying.

Hand dryers:

It is a hot air blower, usually installed within the bathrooms to dry the wet hands.


Like a hand dryer, a hairdryer is a moveable or immoveable device, which blows hot dry air to dry the wet hair. It is also used to shape the hair while combing.

Shower curtains:

A plastic made curtain used alongside the windows to avoid the showered water splashing out of the shower area.

Shower curtain rails:

A shower curtain/drape rail is a rail by which the shower curtain is hanged. They are also called the curtain rods.

Hygiene bag dispensers:

This hygiene bag dispenser keeps your washrooms clean and keeps your toilets from being clogged. The hygiene bags can be easily and quietly removed with one hand. The unit can be installed quickly and without tools.

Shower seats:

A shower seat is a freestanding stool or chair which has been specially designed for use in the shower. It can also take the form of a chair or bench which is fixed to the wall. If you have a shower over the bath you will need to look at a different type of seat.


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