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Swimming Pools:

Swimming pools are artificial pools made for swimming, playing, and bathing purposes. These pools are constructed in houses, hotels, and other buildings to facilitate users with refreshment. Swimming pools may be indoor as well as outdoor. A pool is a big basin or tank of water which is intended for recreational or competitive diving or swimming practice. However, the basic purpose of the pool is to provide a bathing facility. Apart from the above purposes, pools are made for doing water exercise, diving, swimming, etc. Pools are filled with water with help of pumps. The pool water may be circulating water or maybe stagnant. In order to circulate the pool's water, machines are used. In some pools, dirty water is evacuated and freshwater is filled, with the help of machines. The pools which are stagnant-water-pools, their water is also evacuated with limited time intervals. In order to kill the germs and algae off the pool water, chlorine and other antiseptic agents are added to the water. The very common agent is chlorine. Chlorine is used because of its being hygienic for health. Chlorine is an important digesting agent, which is found in the stomach of mammals. The water of a pool is circulated either for filtration or for renewal of water.   

Types of Pools:

Competition Pools:

These pools are artificial pools that have a very large span. They are about 50 to 60 meters longs and 2 to 5 meters deep. These pools have multi-lanes. In each lane, the competitor swimmers swim in order to beat their opponents. The pools are so designed as the spectators can observe the swimmers very clearly and closely. The pools are purely constructed for holding a competition among the swimmers.

Playing Pools:

The play pools are quite shallow and not designed with a depth of more than five feet. These pools have many shapes and playing objects in them. Different games like volleyball can be played in such pools. Some of the pools are deep in the middle and shallow at both ends, while some pools have one end deep and the other end shallow. The only purpose of these pools is to enjoy some sort of gaming.

Free Form Pools:

The free form pools are designed in an irregular natural shape. It has many curves and flowing lines. The pools are designed with natural-looking waterfalls and rock bodies inside and by the pool. The pools are artificial but look natural. They look like a natural pond, oasis, or lake.

Lap Pools:

A lap pool is a swimming pool set up primarily for fitness and health purposes. Pools are a great solution for small or shallow living areas where the homeowner wishes for a swimming pool to exercise regularly in private in their backyard.

Swimming Pools:

The swimming types of pools are 10 to 20 feet deep. A swimming pool means a pool designed and intended for use only to swim, bath and dive. Swimming pools are made in homes and hotels to provide refreshment facilities to the users. Swimming pools are neither very shallow nor very deep. 

Infinity Pools:

What exactly is an infinite pool? To qualify as an infinite pool, the surface of the water should be at the same level as the edges around the pool, creating the illusion of a blue-and-sea edge.

Spool Pool:

The spool is a combination of two words; pool and spa. Spools are much smaller than regular pools, about 10 to 16 feet [10 to 16 m] long and 6 to 25 feet [6 to 8 m] wide. This is why they are also referred to as small ponds. You can think of spool as the most beautiful places in the world, by combining features of spa and dam. It is important that you consider installing a small pool in your Tucson yard.

Perimeter filled pools:

A new type of pools is now perimeter filled pools. This type of lake looks like an overflow on all four sides of the lake in contrast to the many infinite lakes that flow only to one side. So in reality water is the equivalent of decoration. Although the perimeter overflow pools are really cool to look at it is very difficult to build. The lake above has a traditional disappearance edge that flows excessively on three other sides. If you look closely you can see that the water is well balanced. The pond below is watery for decoration. These are just a few examples of circulating flood pools.

Geometry Pools:

Geometric pools are a view of swimming pools, water volleyball and recommend the construction of many homes. Geometric pools are divided into specific shapes such as rectangular, oval, or square with straight edges and sharp lines. Geometric pools provide a formal and modern feel.

Material Used in Construction of Pools:

There are several types of swimming pools, each of these types has been made up of either of the following material. We have classified the swimming pools into the following types on the basis of material used in their construction

Swimming pools constructed with concrete:

A swimming pool made of concrete completely consists of concrete material. In order to provide strength to the walls and floors of the pool, reinforced material is also used. A concrete made pool can be placed at any desired location, it give us unlimited chances of design. You can choose the size, shape, and depth, and add features such as vanishing edges, steps, beach entries, rockeries, and much more. Finishing options include ceramic tiles, natural pebble, colored quartz, epoxy resin paints, vinyl lining, and a range of other finishes.

Swimming pools made up of fiberglass:

Many pools are made of Fiberglass composite. The Fibreglass composite pools are available in a varied range of shapes, sizes, styles, colours and finishes. They are quick and easy to install and perfect for hard to access areas. Some fibreglass pools have the options of water features, in-floor cleaning or in-built spa pools.

Swimming pools constructed above the ground:

With the advancement of the technology of swimming pools and civil architecture, the pools are being constructed with varied shapes and designs. The above-ground pools are the pools in which the level of the water in the pool is high than the level of the ground. The walls of the pool are constructed like that of a room. The walls act as the walls of a container or a tank. The walls are strong enough to withhold the water pressure. These pools look like a glass of water placed on the table.

Pools with vinyl liner:

It is a cost-effective and popular type of pool. The vinyl lining is usually tailor-made to suit the size and shape of your swimming pool. Modern vinyl lined pools can have concrete, plastic, or steel walls.


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