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One of the major challenges of our present society is the protection of environment.

Some of the important elements in this respect are the reduction of the consumption of energy and natural raw materials and consumption of waste materials.

Rapid infrastructural development such as highways, airports etc. and growing demand for housing has led to scarcity & rise in cost of construction materials.

Any construction activity requires several materials such as concrete, steel, brick, stone, glass, clay, mud, wood, and so on. However, the cement concrete remains the main construction material used in construction industries.

For its suitability and adaptability with respect to the changing environment, the concrete must be such that it can conserve resources, protect the environment, economize and lead to proper utilization of energy.

The utilization of recycled aggregate is particularly very essential as major part of concrete is made of aggregates.

 Most of waste materials produced by demolished structures disposed off by dumping them as land fill.

Dumping of wastes on land is causing shortage of dumping place in urban areas.

Therefore, it is necessary to start recycling and re-use of demolition concrete waste to save environment, cost and energy.

The use of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition wastes is showing prospective application in construction as alternative to natural aggregates.

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