Calculators and Softwares

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) Pow

Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) is a methodology that estimates the likelihood that various levels of earthquake-caus

MATLAB function for plane truss (temperature loadi

A MATLAB function for analysis of 2D plane trusses capable of applying initial strains and temperature loadings

Reactive Powder Concrete - PowerPoint Presentation

Contents include: Introduction Composition of reactive powder concrete(RPC) Properties of RPC Application of RPC Adv

Underground Construction - PowerPoint Presentation

Methods for underground construction: Cut and cover method in open excavation; Cut and cover method between earth retainin

EXCEL Spreadsheet For RCC Dog-legged Staircase

RCC Dog-legged staircase, the ensuing flights mainly lift in contrary directions. The two flights in plan are not isolated by a w

Flexible Pavement Design EXCEL Calculator

This tool calculates the required SN.  The Provided SN depends on  whether this is new construction or a rehabilita

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