Project management and construction engineering quizz: Scheduling Networks

Reducing peaks and valleys in manpower assignments in order to obtain a relatively smooth manpower utilization is called:
* resource leveling
* resource allocation
* resource commitment planning
* manpower allocation
Which of the following cannot be identified after performing a forward and backward pass?
* critical path activities
* Float/slack time
* Dummy Activities
* how much overtime is planned
A network based schedule has four paths, with the following durations 7, 8, 9, and 10 weeks. If the 10 week path is compressed to 8 weeks, then:
* We now have two critical paths
* The 9 week path is now the critical path
* Only the 7 week path has float
* Not enough information is provided to make a decision
Which of the following is not a commonly used technique for schedule compression?
* Use of overtime
* Resource reduction
* reducing scope
* Fast-tracking
The first step in the development of a schedule is a :
* Listing of activities
* Calculation of durations
* Calculation of effort
* Determination of dependencies
The most common constraint or relationship in a precedence network is:
* Finish to finish
* Start to start
* Start to finish
* Finish to start
Which of the following is not one of the four types of dependencies?
* discretionary
* external
* mandatory
* internal
* all of the options are one of the types of dependencies
You have an activity where the early start is week 6, the early finish is week 10, the latest start is week 14, and the latest finish is week 18. The float in this activity is:
* 18 weeks
* 4 weeks
* 5 weeks
* 8 weeks

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