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Project management and construction engineering quizz: Projects

Which of the following is not a part of the definition of a project?
* Repetitive activities
* Consumption of Resources
* Constraints
* A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result
Which of the following is not usually part of the criteria for project success?
* Customer satisfaction
* Meeting at least 75% of the specification requirements
* Customer acceptance
* Meeting the triple-constraint requirements
What are PMI 5 process groups?
* Planning, executing, managing, controlling, closing
* Initiating, planning, executing, operating, closing
* Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, closing
* Planning, executing, operating, controlling, closing
Which of the following is not a usually a benefit achieved from using project management?
* Improved estimating
* Improved risk management
* Flexibility in the projects end date
* Tracking of projects
Most companies have six resources which are?
* relationships, manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, information/technology
* Money, manpower, equipment, contracts, materials, information/technology
* Money, manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, location
* Money, manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, information/technology
Product/market stake holders include?
* general public, line managers, shareholders, local committees, customers
* Customers, suppliers, local committees, governments, general public
* Banks, general public, employees, unions, customers
* CEO, creditors, suppliers, general public, governments
What are the traditional triple-constraints?
* Time, customers, facilities
* Quality, resources, performance
* Cost, quality, management
* Time, cost, performance/technology
The person most often responsible for assigning the resources to a project is?
* The human resources manager
* The executive sponsor
* The line manager
* The project manager
Your company does only projects. If the projects performed by your company are for customers external to your company and a profit criterion exists on the project, then your organization is most likely?
* Non-project driven
* Project driven
* All of the above are possible based upon the size of the profit margin
* A hybrid

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