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Project management and construction engineering quizz: Estimating

Estimating pitfalls can result from:
* Poorly defined statement of work
* using the wrong estimating technique
* Failure to account for risks
* All of the available
A project where the scope evolves as the work takes place is called either progressive elaboration planning or:
* Continuous planning
* Synchronous planning
* Rolling wave planning
* Continuous re-estimation planing
The three common estimating types include the following except:
* Analogous estimates
* Engineering Estimates
* Quick and dirty estimates
* Parametric estimates
The most accurate estimates are:
* parametric estimates
* engineering estimates
* analogy estimates
* fat pencil estimates
The most preferred time to have a contractors bid due is:
* Monday morning
* always in the morning
* Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon
* Friday afternoon
The time of year to get most favorable pricing from a contractor bidding is:
* summer time
* January and February
* July when most agencies budget renews
* fall time
Which of the following is considered to be a bottom up estimate rather than a top down estimate?
* analogous estimates
* parametric estimates
* engineering estimates
* Quick and dirty estimates
If a worker earns $27/ hr and bills out at $80/hr, then the overhead rate is closest to:
* 196%
* 300%
* 150%
* 100%
The source of many estimating risks is:
* Inexperienced project manager and/or estimator
* lack of resources such as time, qualified personnel, tools or techniques
* Poorly defined statement of work and breakdown structures
* All of the available
Some tips to improve our deliverables so contractors' uncertainty is reduced include:
* Provide soil and ground water information to excavation contractors
* All of the available
* highlight important or unique elements with specific notes on drawings rather than making a contractor dig to find the information elsewhere
* Spend more time coordinating plans with team members outside your office

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