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Daily Reports, records or logs are critically important to construction projects so it’s amazing to think that Project Managers often leave them for other staff to prepare and submit. Or, even worse, let staff remove the “daily” status and have the reports slip into a periodic status when more time is available to provide them to management.  Such as the weekly chaotic management dash to report and invoice clients.  Why the heightened level of concern?  Daily reports contain field notes and documented activities that are crucial in the event of a contractual and legal dispute. They also maintain a productive communication link in the form of transparency with the management team.

Daily Reports must be accurate and the only way to ensure this is by collecting jobsite activities as they occur.  At the end of the day is when Foreman or Supervisors need to be in editing mode versus writing mode – clarifying and confirming notes taken so these are easily included the Project Manager’s report and signed-off from the client. If dailies are not a project requirement, I would highly recommend every contractor makes it a standard practice.  With today’s mobile technology connecting the field to the back office, Daily Reports do not require much effort (e.g., written on paper and driven back to the office).

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