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What's new in this release:
1. Users can now export all load combinations for a given (the current selected) design code to PDF.  Use the "Export Load Combination Calculations to PDF" button and follow the instructions.
2. Users can now select three seperate load combinations for viewing (the tool still calculates the minimum and maximum load calculations for you).
3. The View Design Code button now lists the currently selected design code.

Known issues:
1. As with previous releases, the load combinations included in this version of the tool are not exhaustive.  Users must review the design code under which the load combinations are being considered and MANUALLY ensure that all appropriate load combinations have been included.  Doing so is necessary to ensure that the minimum and maximum factored loads have been properly identified.
2. A user can select different design materials.  But note that choosing a material does not eliminate the choices of design code - i.e., choosing steel for your design material does not remove options for ACI 318 design codes.

Disclaimer: This tool is for educational and training purposes only and is not intended for use in the design of actual structures. Design of actual structures requires a competent and licensed engineering professional. 

Copyright (c) 2018-2019 DonelSoft, Donel Enterprises LLC.  All rights reserved.

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