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Masonry load bearing wall subjected to vertical concentric and eccentric loading may collapse through instability. In this Paper the buckling behavior of masonry load bearing wall of different slenderness ratio were investigated via testing a series of scale masonry wall subjected to concentric and eccentric vertical loading.

A total of thirty six masonry walls were tested in the Laboratory of Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), which was the basis of the numerical study. 

A numerical finite element model was developed based on the simplified micro model approach and calibrated by using those results found from experimental study. 

The influence of nonlinear behavior of interface element, slenderness ratio and various end conditions have been investigated together with the effect of different end eccentricity of vertical load.

However, a series of analytical studies were conducted in order to access the accuracy and performance of formulations provided by EUROCODE 6 and ACI-530 for vertical capacity of masonry wall

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