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a planar product manufactured from polymeric materials used with rock, earth, or other geotechnical engineering related material as an integral part of a human-made project, structure, or system.

Contents include:
- Concept of geosynthetics
- Role of geosynthetics
- Geosynthetics products
- Application of geosynthetics in construction industry
- Geosynthetic products of natural material
- Areas of application
- Test for Geosynthetics
- Advantages
- Analysis of present scenario (Usage, graphs)
- Use of geosynthetics in field (PICTURES)

The term 'Geosynthetics' has two parts: the prefix 'geo', referring to an end use associated with improving the performance of civil engineering works involving earth/ground/soil and the suffix 'synthetics', referring to the fact that the materials are almost exclusively from man-made products. The materials used in the manufacture of geosynthetics are primarily synthetic polymers generally derived from crude petroleum oils; although rubber, fiberglass, and other materials are also sometimes used for manufacturing geosynthetics.

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