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This estimating sheet is basically based on reinforced concrete and also for preparing the analysis of mezzanine levels; roof deck and stairs.

The spreadsheet is a crying need for engineers, registered architects, and building contractors.

The structure which is situated at high seismic areas is susceptible to be harmed crucially. Jointly gravity load and the lateral load should be resisted as it builds up acute pressures in a building. In modern times, shear wall in R.C. structure and steel bracings in steel structure are extensively acceptable technique to place lateral load as a consequence of earthquake, wind, blast and so forth.

The shear wall is considered as one of the finer processes for resisting lateral load that is typically familiar in construction sectors while application of steel bracing will be the most efficient way out for enhancing the resistance against earthquake.

The performance of the building is evaluated based on the Lateral Displacement, Storey Shear and Storey Drifts, Base shear and Demand Capacity (Performance point). It is highly recommended to make use of the X type of steel bracing system as it can significantly develop the firmness of the structure and minimize the maximum inter-story drift, lateral displacement and demand capacity (Performance Point) of R.C.C building than the shear wall system.
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