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Frequenty asked questions (FAQ):

* How much will you pay per article?
We will pay up to $50 per article.

* What is my article's chance for being accepted and published?
Almost every article written in accordance to our guidelines will be accepted. Thus, 100%, if you are on the right track.

* What is the requirement of articles, if there is any?
  1. The article has to be related to civil engineering field and written in English.
  2. The article MUST be originally written by the author, copied content or the contents you do not own the copyrights are not acceptable.
  3. Minimum words count is 500 per article.
  4. All articles MUST have at least one representative picture.
  5. All articles will be reviewed by civil engineering experts before being published.

* What type of article can I send?
As long as your are writing a civil engineering related article it can be anything. Some of the types include but not limited to: 1) tutorials on softwares frequently used in civil engineering practices, 2) a solution to typical civil engineering problems e.g. "how to solve a reinforced concrete beam", 3) A calculator developed by you e.g. an EXCEL spreadsheet you developed for certain type of civil engineering problem, you may write an article about it and describe how it works, what are the inputs and etc. and also send a copy of your calculator and 4) your brief research on a subject e.g. most civil engineering students have small research projects in which they will study a topic not in-depth. If you already done that, why not make money from it?

* What if there is similar articles to what I am about to write?
Your article can be published anyway. Even if you are writing a solution for a typical civil engineering problem which is currently available on, you may have a different approach to that problem or write a more descriptive article.

* What languages do you accept?
Currently, we only accept English articles.

* Can I attach video and/or files to my article?
You may upload your files on free file hosting websites at the time of submitting. If your article gets accepted we will transfer those files to our servers. You may use for images, for other files.

* What is the payment method?
Currently, we only support PayPal.

* I emailed an article. What is the next step?
You need to get 1000 unique views on your article before getting paid. Once your article reached 1000 views we will automatically notify you through email and ask your payment info. As soon as we get your payment info, your payment will be issued.
You may increase your article views by sharing it in social networks e.g. facebook, linkedin, google communities, etc. You may also check the status of your article HERE by entering the Token we sent you after accepting your article. Try no to cheat to get more views, because we monitor and record every session detail.

* How long does it take to get 1000 views?
It is 100% dependent on your article's quality as well as your endeavour in sharing and spreading it.

* Why don't you pay instantly after receiving the article?
We need to make sure the article is valuable to our users and it attracts users to our website. On the other hand, during the time your article gains visibility we make sure it is not copyrighted and it is originally written by you.

* What if somebody cheats to increase views?
If you try to increase your article's views artificially, you may be banned permanently.

* Is there a legit way of increasing views?
Yes! You can always share the article you wrote in social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google communities as well as answering websites such as, yahoo answers, etc.

* Do you have a referral program?
Yes! if you are the owner of a website or facebook page with many users, send us an email for more details on the referral program.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email:

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