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Stainless Steel as Reinforcement in Concrete - Pow

Stainless steel is low carbon steel. It is an alloy of iron with chromium content over 10.5%.Also nickel, molybdenum and certain o

Masonry Bearing Wall Design with Opening per ACI 5

Masonry load bearing wall subjected to vertical concentric and eccentric loading may collapse through instability. In this Pap

Beam & Column Design EXCEL Spreadsheet per ACI-318

Beam and column design excel spreadsheet evaluate concrete members carrying both flexure and axial load using thrust-moment,&n

Moment connection of Wide Flange Beam to HSS Colum

  Disclaimer: Spreadsheet is not compatible with Excel versions prior to 2010   Codes Used: ASCE 7-10 AISC 360-1

Recycled Concrete Aggregate - PowerPoint Presentat

One of the major challenges of our present society is the protection of environment. Some of the important elements in this res

PE Exam Transportation Cheat Sheet

The Principles and Practice of Engineering exam is the examination required for one to become a Professional Engineer (PE) in the

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